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Being a better leader in a crisis

Whether you lead a country or a cafe, how can you behave better in the midst of a crisis?

Be humble. Be gracious. Be kind.

The new guidelines for online marketing during Covid-19.

Business Liaison Service launched

Business is our priority with a new helpline offering support through Covid-19.

$10,000 Small Business Covid-19 Support

Apply now for a $10,000 Small Business Covid-19 Support grant.

Parks and forests closed

National Parks and State Forests are closed to visitors to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Beaches now closed

Barrington Coast beaches are closed to discourage non-essential outings & reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our region.

Facebook Group for Barrington Coast businesses

A forum for information, insights, perspectives and opinions on all things Tourism across our region.

Instagram & Facebook love Barrington Coast

Our social media pages are booming thanks to inspiring posts during Covid-19.

Out & About With Kids

Barrington Coast features in this popular magazine for families, for post-Covid-19 visits.