Destination branding FAQs

Here are some common questions about the destination branding that we received.

Why is the region being renamed?

A key action in the development of a destination brand strategy outlined in the Destination Management Plan was the endorsement of brand architecture including a new destination name that encompasses our entire region.

What is the aim of the destination brand?

Our aim is to ensure the whole region benefits – this means we need to encourage people to see more of the region, year-round. By using the umbrella brand of Barrington Coast, we can share the stories and experiences of the whole region, including Manning Valley, Gloucester and the Great Lakes. This will help us to create a more sustainable tourism industry.

Why not keep the existing tourism brands?

The cost of trying to promote three tourism brands, which compete against each other, is not sustainable. It doesn’t mean we’ll lose our identity – if anything, we’ll be giving a stronger voice to the places that make up the Barrington Coast.

Are the existing regional names being changed?

Most importantly, Barrington Coast will NOT replace the use of existing names such as Great Lakes, Manning Valley, and Gloucester. Instead, it provides an umbrella name that sits across all three.

Is the council name being changed?

No. MidCoast Council was developed following the amalgamation of Great Lakes, Greater Taree City and Gloucester Shire Councils. Many destinations in Australia have different names to their Council. MidCoast Council is not planning to change the name of the Council. This is simply a new name for the destination and a way to build awareness of our region outside of our borders.

Why not use MidCoast or Mid North Coast?

Picking a name that our neighbours already use, like the NSW Mid North Coast or NSW Mid-Coast means it is more difficult to explain who we are and where we are located without referring to our competitors – for example, “just north of Port Stephens/Newcastle, just south of Port Macquarie/Coffs Harbour.”

Why is having a unique destination name important?

Having a name that no other place can claim as their own provides a more cost-effective way to reach new audiences and raise awareness of our region in a highly-competitive tourism marketplace.

How does the name help us online?

Barrington Coast will make digital advertising for our local businesses and MidCoast Council more cost-efficient and helps with search engine optimisation (SEO) for Google search, meaning travellers can find us faster.

Why Barrington Coast?

Barrington Coast is a name that unites our entire region, from east to west and north to south. It is unifying, inclusive and a name of which we can all be proud. Most importantly, it is a name that together we can use to inspire and attract visitors to help grow our visitor economy, delivering benefits to the communities and businesses of our region.

So, is the Barrington Tops in our region?

Yes. Barrington Tops is a World Heritage listed area that dominates the tourism offering of Gloucester region of the Barrington Coast. It’s the highest point of our destination.

What does Barrington have to do with the Manning Valley, or Great Lakes?

It leverages the strengths of our region, which are known well beyond our local government boundaries: from the world heritage-listed Barrington mountain range to our iconic coastline as well as the rivers that originate in Barrington Tops and flow through our valleys and lakes to the sea.

Does this make our region too diverse?

No. It is an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and recognise it as one of our competitive advantages. Our stories, characters, and experiences, from the mountains to the sea and everything in between will enrich people’s holidays and keep them returning, again and again.

Does the destination name have any cultural links?

Yes, it acknowledges the local Aboriginal description of our region ‘where the leaves touch the waters from the mountains to the sea.’