Impacts of Covid19 on MidCoast employment

New data released by REMPLAN shows that Accommodation and Food Services industry has been the biggest impacted in the MidCoast LGA by the COVID 19 pandemic. See their report below.

In Mid-Coast, prior to COVID-19 and the introduction of social lockdown measures to manage the pandemic, the total employment across all local industry sectors was estimated at 28,538. For September 2020, total employment is estimated at 27,789, a fall of 2.6%. Please note, this is a monthly estimate and should not be annualised.

As the spread of the virus is contained and the social lockdown policies are gradually relaxed,
it is anticipated that the negative impacts of the pandemic will lessen.

Watch this space to monitor the performance of your local economy over coming months.

The greatest decrease in employment is in Accommodation & Food Services. In percentage terms, it’s Accommodation & Food Services.

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